Starting with few qualifications

Learning in the Community

Community or Adult Learning is for adults with few or no qualifications. Courses help learners to build confidence and acquire new skills, which may help them to progress into work and/or to support them in their wider roles as parents and community members.  Many courses are free for everyone; other courses may be free for those on means-tested benefits or a low income, but check with your local provider.  

Community Learning  offer courses in a wide range of subjects, such as IT, English, maths, ESOL, crafts, family learning in schools, employability, health and wellbeing, and confidence building.

Courses are held in your local community, such as libraries, community centres and schools. They are offered in small groups, in a supportive setting with experienced tutors. Reasonable adjustments such as resources and venue access can be made to meet specific needs wherever possible.

Community Learning is funded externally and inspected by Ofsted.  They work in partnership with other local organisations.    

South Gloucestershire Community Learning

This is one such organisation, based within the Council, but forming part of a wider Consortium with Bristol and North Somerset. View the website for a list of all (mostly) free courses starting September 2019. You are invited to attend an enrolment session for these at the beginning of September 2019, to meet the team and to make sure you are choosing the right course for your needs. Dates for these can also be found on the website.

In addition, there is the option to study Functional Skills maths and English up to level 2 via a flexible online study course - please phone 01454 864613 or email for further information.

For similar community adult classes in other parts of the country, please refer to the Providers' section; your local Council or Adult Learning Services; or via the website

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