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Routes into a growth job sector

Health and social care jobs are growing. 

In a pandemic there are many jobs in this sector that are in great demand also, Brexit, means that less people from the EU can come and do these jobs, so the UK needs to build its health and social care workforce from within the UK, where possible. 

Unlike many sectors that are perhaps losing workers or in decline, the health care field is growing rapidly and arguably more than any other sector. Dozens of health careers have good or excellent job prospects, meaning finding a job is easier. A career in health and social care offers long-term employment prospects, with opportunity for promotion and progression as well as job security. 

Adult social care is one of the few sectors where jobs are increasing, offering significant numbers of long-term career opportunities in the current job market. There’s an estimated 1.49 million people working in social care, and by 2035 we’ll need to fill around 580,000 more jobs.

The NHS offers its staff many opportunities to train and develop. Many jobs in the NHS, such as paramedic, are competitive. The advice is, get a job in the NHS and look for the opportunities from within. That is the best way to get into some roles.

There are lots of jobs in this sector that are predicted to grow.

Example jobs predicted to grow in Health and Social Care

Ambulance Care Assistant

Patient Advice and Liaison Officer

Accommodation Warden

Dental Nurse

Physiotherapy Assistant

Health Play Specialist


What you can do to get yourself ready for a course or job in this sector

Why not:

Examples of the Apprenticeships available in Health and Social Care (you still have to find a vacancy)

Healthcare support worker (level 2)

Adult care worker (level 2)

Lead adult care worker (level 3)

Safety, health and environment technician (level 3)

Oral health practitioner (level 4)

Health play specialist (level 5)

Healthcare assistant practitioner (level 5)

Public health practitioner (integrated degree) (level 6)

Social worker (integrated degree) (level 6)

Registered nurse degree (NMC 2018) (level 6)

You can find out what other apprenticeship are available in health and social care

You can search for a vacancy

You can set vacancy alerts on the site

Examples of College Courses in the SW and SE in Health and Social Care

Pre level Health and social care workskills – Bath College

Level 2 Adult Care Worker - City College Plymouth

Level 3 Child care and education (Early years educator) - City College Plymouth

Level 4 Diploma in Adult care - South Glos and Stroud College

Level 3 Access to social care and social work - South Glos and Stroud College

Level 3 Access to social care – nursing and midwifery – South Glos and Stroud College

Level 3 Preparation to work in health and social care – City of Bristol College

Level 3 Access to nursing, health and social Care – Cornwall College

Level 3 Sport massage – Cornwall College

Level 3 Access to higher education, Diploma in nursing, midwifery and medical science - PETROC

Look at other college providers and see what courses they offer.

Examples of Degree Level Courses

Level 4/5 Health and Social care practice foundation degree – City of Bristol College

Level 4  HNC in Health Care Practice – Bath College

Level 5 Early years study Foundation Degree – Gloucestershire College

Level 6 Nursing (adult) - UWE

Level 6 Veterinary nursing – Bristol University

Level 6 Nursing (Mental Health) – University of Gloucestershire

Level 6 Children’s and Young people’s nursing – Bournemouth University

Level 6 Nursing (children) - Oxford Brookes University

You can find degree courses near you by using our course search or looking at Find a Provider

Examples of free short courses to get you started

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Safeguarding Adults: Level 3 Training

The Power of Data in Health and Social Care

Supporting Adolescent Learners: Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Public Health and Nursing: The Greatest Wealth is Health

eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology, and Health

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