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Try This - How do you feel about writing?

Don't be despondent if some of your responses are negative. Working through this taster unit and practising your writing will help to turn those negatives into positives. In a few months’ time, you should be able to look back on these initial responses and feel that you have made progress.

Do any of the following relate to your own circumstances?

  • It's a very long time since I've done anything like this. I've forgotten how to do it.
  • I'm not familiar with the British educational system. What I was taught seems to be quite different from what is expected here.
  • I feel I'm putting myself up just to be shot down. I'm really exposing my weaknesses.
  • I enjoy writing, but there seems to be a mystique to this kind of ‘academic’ writing that I can't fathom.
  • I love writing essays but this course requires reports, and I feel frustrated because they constrain my style.

If you have written anything like this down, don’t worry! Lots and lots of students and prospective students have the same thoughts, worries and feelings about how they will cope with academic writing. To find out more about academic writing go to You can write!

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