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It is inevitable that regardless of which course you take at higher education level you will be asked to produce an essay or an assignment. It is important to understand that essays at this level (and at any level really!) will need to be properly referenced. What do we mean by properly referenced?

Do this:

Take a few minutes now to jot down what you think is meant by an essay with references?

Think about this:

Did you write down any of the following?

  1. Identifying the primary sources for the information and ideas you have put in the essay
  2. Identifying the authors of any theories you have discussed in your essay
  3. Making sure the reader is clear where you have got your information and ideas from.
  4. Making sure the reader can go back to your primary sources to check for more information?
  5. Making sure that you are not plagiarising ideas and theories.
  6. Bibliography and/or reference section

To find out more about referencing correctly go to How serious is plagiarism?

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