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Learning how to learn is a process in which we all engage throughout our lives, although often we do not realise that we are, in fact, learning how to learn. Most of the time we concentrate on what we are learning rather than how we are learning it. In this unit, we aim to make the process of learning much more explicit by inviting you to apply the various ideas and activities to your own current or recent study as a way of increasing your awareness of your own learning.  Most learning has to be an active process - and this is particularly true of learning how to learn. Therefore, you will find that this unit contains a number of activities for you to complete, which require you to make notes and keep records. You can either write these down in a notebook, or use a computer, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

The broad aim of this study tool is to start you thinking about how you learn. More specifically, it is designed to offer you the opportunity to:

  • Think about and understand how you learn;
  • Apply the ideas and activities in this unit to your own learning experiences;
  • Learn how to become a reflective learner.

To find out why it is important to consider how you learn go to What do we mean by learning how to learn?

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