Introduction to graphs

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Graphs are a common way of presenting information. However, like any other type of representation, graphs rely on shared understandings of symbols and styles to convey meaning. Also, graphs are normally drawn specifically with the intention of presenting information in a particularly favourable or unfavourable light, to convince you of an argument or to influence your decisions.

How can this unit help you?

You might find that a course you are studying on or thinking about studying on requires you to have an understanding of graphs.This small unit will introduce you to some of the main ideas about graphs and will hopefully reassure you that they are not as scary as you might think! Get started on your journey to find out about graphs by looking at every picture tells a story.

Useful resource:

The Good Study Guide, by Andrew Northedge, has helped 1000s of students develop the skills they need for their course. Chapter 8 is entitled ‘Working with numbers’ and covers reading and describing tables, diagrams and graphs. You can view a sample from this chapter here.

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