How to revise

The painful truth

To get you thinking about revision and how to revise, it’s important to make sure that you face up to three painful truths about revision.

  1. You’ve got to do it – to do well in an exam you have no alternative but to revise. Revising is like giving up smoking – there are lots of aids such as patches, gum etc. to help you, but ultimately it’s you who has to do it.
  2. It takes time – there is no instant revision cure and you cannot cut corners. Revision will take time and there is a direct relationship between how much revision you do and how well you perform!
  3. Revising is remembering. You will not remember if you just read your notes - that is NOT revision. You need to make sure the information gets fixed into your brain and that you can recall it. You must do something with your notes to make yourself remember.

These three truths need to be faced up to and accepted. Only then can you really reap the benefits of revision. To find out how to tailor your revision to your own needs go to Horses for courses.

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