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If you decide to take up some form of study in higher education you will most likely be asked to start thinking in new and exciting ways. You will be exposed to new ideas, and you will be asked to make some sense of them, and often give your own opinion on them. This is one of the best things about higher level study – the exciting new ideas and ways of thinking that you will be encouraged to do.

You might be worried that this new type of thinking is beyond you – but be reassured that it isn’t. With practice and time, and a lot of thinking (!) you will be well on your way to developing the skills you need. This unit is designed to take you on a brief journey of understanding. You will be introduced to a variety of thinking skills and ways of extending and developing your thinking. You will begin by looking at why thinking skills are important in education, and what kinds of skills are valued. You will then move on to some practical strategies and ideas for further activities and reading.

After looking at this unit you should feel more confident about studying and be able to make the most of the opportunities a higher education course provides for developing your skills.

To find out more about thinking go to Try This: Why is thinking important?

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