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This section is aimed at helping you to feel more confident about finding, evaluating and using information. When you begin your higher level studies you will find that you will be asked to find relevant information needed to help you with your course. This information is likely to be in a number of different places, for example, the library or online. You may already have some experience finding information for your job. You will probably have needed to find information in your everyday life, for example, bus or train times, holiday details, or the telephone number of a local plumber. So, you can be confident that you already have some of the skills you need to take this on into your higher education study.

This unit will begin by considering the different types of information used in everyday life, and for studies, learning where the information comes from and goes to. You will become acquainted as to how information is categorised and communicated, and where to look for it.
The material will encourage you to think about information in ways that will allow you to develop strategies for searching and teach you how to access catalogue and database resources. It looks at the practice of searching, both on and offline, and will teach you techniques for using electronic search tools.

To find out more about what information is go to What is information?

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